Once again, Carol Shenold crafts a mystery full of humor and dread. If you haven’t read the any of her Tali Cates mysteries, you owe it to yourself to get one now.Bloody Murder

And if you want an Urban Fantasy, you can’t go wrong with Carol’s Fairy Dust. It’s a fun and scary read.


REVIEW “Entertaining short story!”As Talihina “Tali” Cates is trying to finish up a green box for the museum opening, her “Mumsie” comes in and interrupts her work to give her a warning. The warning deals with a painting and fire and ice.

As is normal when her mother gives her a warning from the spirits, Tali lets it go in one ear and out the other. She really needs to get the box finished. The opening is this evening and she really wants to help her friends at the museum. So she puts the finishing touches on the glass box, gets cleaned up and dressed appropriately, and goes to the museum.

When she gets there, she hands over the glass box and greets a few friends. Then she decides to go check out the new exhibit — an exact duplicate of one in Germany. It’s a World War II exhibit. At that point, there’s a loud scream and the sound of glass breaking and Tali’s the first one in the room. When she gets inside, it’s to find Jessie, someone new to the museum, unconscious and the museum’s director, Tom Scott, dead. The police show up and Tali finds a necklace similar to one in the painting hanging on the wall on Tom’s body, which she pockets. Eventually, Tali goes home to find her ex-boyfriend, Aiden—a vampire—with some more news. Turns out the necklace holds power and a Dark Lord wants it and Tali.

What is the deal with the necklace? Who is this Dark Lord and what does he want with Tali? Will Aiden be able to keep Tali safe? Will he stick around this time, or break Tali’s heart again?

MUSEUMS ARE MURDER is a lighthearted, fun read. Carol Shenold writes a fascinating story of love, werewolves, vampires and demons. While this is a short story and can easily be read in one sitting, Carol Shenold manages to put everything necessary in it to make a entertaining read. From the vampire in love with a human, even though he knows that’s not a good thing, to a woman with power who has no idea she even has it. And don’t forget the Dark Lord, he’s in here too. All in all a very entertaining read and one I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted April 21, 2009