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Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Fairy Dust Launch Day

 Official Wild Rose Press Launch day for Fairy Dust


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Tali Cates was starting life over. Not that she had much choice. Her husband, disturbed by her admission of possessing a special gift of being able to see the dead, dropped her and their two children by the side of the road. Now she was back in her home town, living with her mother, starting a new business, wanting nothing more than a fresh start. But murder gets in the way of her fresh start, making it more of a challenge then anyone deserves. Every where she turns, she’s making more enemies then friends and the trail of murder keeps following her. Until she learns to embrace her gifts and use them to find the killer, life in Love, Texas will continue to be Privy to Murder. “Privy to a Murder is a fun and quirky murder mystery. It seems to have a little bit of everything, murder, love, mystery, and a haunting.” – Coffee Time Review

Once again, Carol Shenold crafts a mystery full of humor and dread. If you haven’t read the any of her Tali Cates mysteries, you owe it to yourself to get one now.Bloody Murder

And if you want an Urban Fantasy, you can’t go wrong with Carol’s Fairy Dust. It’s a fun and scary read.

REVIEW “Entertaining short story!”As Talihina “Tali” Cates is trying to finish up a green box for the museum opening, her “Mumsie” comes in and interrupts her work to give her a warning. The warning deals with a painting and fire and ice.

As is normal when her mother gives her a warning from the spirits, Tali lets it go in one ear and out the other. She really needs to get the box finished. The opening is this evening and she really wants to help her friends at the museum. So she puts the finishing touches on the glass box, gets cleaned up and dressed appropriately, and goes to the museum.

When she gets there, she hands over the glass box and greets a few friends. Then she decides to go check out the new exhibit — an exact duplicate of one in Germany. It’s a World War II exhibit. At that point, there’s a loud scream and the sound of glass breaking and Tali’s the first one in the room. When she gets inside, it’s to find Jessie, someone new to the museum, unconscious and the museum’s director, Tom Scott, dead. The police show up and Tali finds a necklace similar to one in the painting hanging on the wall on Tom’s body, which she pockets. Eventually, Tali goes home to find her ex-boyfriend, Aiden—a vampire—with some more news. Turns out the necklace holds power and a Dark Lord wants it and Tali.

What is the deal with the necklace? Who is this Dark Lord and what does he want with Tali? Will Aiden be able to keep Tali safe? Will he stick around this time, or break Tali’s heart again?

MUSEUMS ARE MURDER is a lighthearted, fun read. Carol Shenold writes a fascinating story of love, werewolves, vampires and demons. While this is a short story and can easily be read in one sitting, Carol Shenold manages to put everything necessary in it to make a entertaining read. From the vampire in love with a human, even though he knows that’s not a good thing, to a woman with power who has no idea she even has it. And don’t forget the Dark Lord, he’s in here too. All in all a very entertaining read and one I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted April 21, 2009


I’m very much enjoying this series. It won’t be long until I get the third one. Write faster, Carol. I’m catching up!
Privy to Murder, A new Review from Enchanting Reviews
Rating: 4 Enchantments

Having recently gone through a bitter divorce, Tali Cates has moved back to her hometown of Love, Texas with her young son and angst-ridden teenage daughter. Moving in with her quirky mother, Mumsie, who speaks with the spirits and takes tarot cards seriously, Tali has her hands full with her new party planning business, Party On. After her first gig ends with the hostess’ murder, Tali has to deal with the murdered woman’s ghost, a suspicious town and an ex-boyfriend, J.T., who may or may not be the next love in her life. Not feeling comfortable with the gift her Mumsie takes for granted, Tali stumbles from one crisis to the next as she struggles to build her business and solve not one but two murders. Unwilling to acknowledge her spirit-seeing gift, Tali must learn to come to terms with it if she’s to solve the murders and save her family.

Tali is a likeable, spunky, no-nonsense character and it’s easy to sympathize with her family and business issues. I liked this book and would enjoy reading the next due out in 2008 titled Bloody Murder. I would love to see Tali and J.T. get together as well as more fleshing out of Mumsie—she has some wonderful personality quirks.

This is not a story focusing on romance, rather a cozy mystery with a touch of the paranormal. Those who like the cozy mystery genre will enjoy this one. The plot is well-done, the characters believable and the reader is kept wondering what happens next. The paranormal twist is not over-done and adds an extra element of interest to the story.

Carol Shenold is an author and teacher. Currently she is at work on her sequel to PRIVY TO MURDER; Bloody Murder due out in 2008. PRIVY TO MURDER placed in the “Frontiers in Writing” contest in 2007. Also available from Eternal Press is Carol’s second novel, Fairy Dust. Learn more about Carol Shenold at

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun Cozy, Quirky Voice  By Amy D. Shojai
I enjoyed the story, although I’m not a big fan of “cozy” mysteries. Tali Cates must deal with hair-pulling antics of her kids, an ex you want to shoot, a mother who “channels” guidance from other worlds, and make a living on her own. Throw into the mix an obnoxious ghost demanding Tali solve her murder, and you have enough angst to drive anyone to see ghosts.

I particularly liked Tali’s “voice” when she deals with all the angst with humor despite wanting to throw in the towel–or smack somebody upside the head. There’s a hopeful likeability that makes readers root for her, and cheer her success. This is a quick read, and one I believe cozy mystery fans will enjoy and want to come back for more.

–Amy Shojai, author 23 pet care titles

Tali Cates is a divorced Mom with 2 kids and a pain in the tuckus ex-husband. Her tarot-reading psychic mother has taken then in while Tali tries to get her party planning business off the ground amidst ghosts sightings, murder and mayhem. Fun and fast paced but falls a little flat at the end. Overall, not bad and I would definitely read the next book in the series.
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Read!!!  By h.glaser
I very much enjoyed this book. Tali’s charm and sence of humor instantly draws you into her heart, making you feel like your going through every struggle right along with her. Who would of thought that life in a town simply named “Love, Texas could be home to murder and haunting! I would recomend this book to any one, but I can especially relate being a single mother who struggles with the day to day challenges of life’s roller coaster. Thank you for this wonderful, easy read, I will be watching for the next one!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great little gem!  January 20, 2011  By Mary Lee  
As there were no reviews on this ebook, I was not expecting much. I was actually very pleasantly surprised. This was a quick read, with lots of action and intrigue. In fact, I was up all night, because I could not put it down. It was that engrossing. I would put this writer right up there with some of the better urban fantasy romance writers. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!
5.0 out of 5 stars Fairy June 5, 2013 By stone
Loved it. I enjoy any story containing Fairies and their antics. This was a very intriguing story and I couldn’t put it down.