Yes, I have my books in my hand, or on my desk to be precise. Very excited to have them out in print. Just go to, enter Carol Shenold and they will take you to all my books. Very Fun.

The authors have been discussing the fact that families are not always supportive of what we write, especially when it involves the sexy, paranormal romance that everyone enjoys so much. So, if you want to be in on the beginning, rush to Eternal Press and buy “Privy to Murder.” Read it now. That way, when Love, Texas discovers all the things they never wanted to believe in, live in their little town, well “Katie bar the door.” We’ll have vampires, and witches and weres oh my. “Bloody Murder” and “Museums are Murder has launched and is available. Go to My Books & Find out what’s happening in Love, Texas, at the crossroads of good and evil.

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For a quicker paranormal fix, buy “FairyDust,” from

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